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1,400 miles and 40 Pounds in 49 Days!

Betty, Jill and LILI are off again and this time our goals are to make it to the Turks & Caicos and each loose 20 lbs !  Yea, right, not sure which one sounds easier?  Betty’s job is portion control in the weight loss department, LILI’s job is to get us to the T&C safely and not sure what my job is…


Lines were off at Marathon Marina on Saturday, March 29th at 8:46 am and we cruised overnight to Bay Street Marina in Nassau in 29 hours.   It was lumpy crossing the gulf stream, but once the sun set, the wind and waves died down.  We crossed onto the Great Bahama Bank at 11 pm and a front rolled thru at midnight.  The U.S. Coast Guard had been blaring grave warnings on the VHF radio about the high 50 knot winds and heavy rain.  We must have been at the right spot, as the passing front was a non-event – great lightning show, but not much thunder and winds never went above 14 knots.  One hour of soft rain, barely washed off the salt spray.  Crossing the Northwest Channel was a washing machine at first, but the winds and waves got it together and we had a nice ride into Nassau Harbor.

The marina got our reservation mixed up and after trying to fit an 18′ wide boat in a 16′ slip on C-Dock, they agreed to move us to B-Dock, a wider slip.  After waiting three hours for Bahamian Customs to come clear us in,  we were told that we needed to bring the boat to the Government Dock!   OK, disconnect a 50 amp power cable, water hose and five lines.  A mile down the harbor at GD dock, it was a rough concrete wall, with wind and current pushing us away and no one to help handle lines!  Are we having fun, yet?  A soldier finally wandered over and helped with three lines.

The two Custom Agents were amazed that we were two women traveling alone, they had never seen that before.  Ten minutes of paperwork and we were free to stay in The Bahamas for 90 days and head back to the marina.  By now the current was roaring thru Nassau Harbor and we requested a different slip to make it safer to dock.  Finally at 5:15 pm, we were finally tied up at C-6.

It was my night to cook dinner and their was no ump left in me…  Betty agreed we could each fend for ourselves. After watching “The Good Wife” on TV, we both crashed, grateful to be safely in The Bahamas!