Visits with Unexpected Friends

There is an app, Krogen Finder, that is available for free to anyone who owns a Krogen.  It shows a map of the world and over 75 Krogen’s have signed up for it.  Every night once we are anchored, Betty and I drop a pin to show where we are located.  We also look around to see if there is anyone near us.  So far, just COMPASS ROSE has been the only other Krogen we have seen in the Exumas.

Leaving Black Point, we anchored at Cave Cay.  We had heard that their was a marina there, but didn’t know much about it.  Just as we were dropping the hook a dingy came racing at us, saying “Hi Betty and Jill”.  It was Krogen  friends, Perry and Karen, from MORSE CODE, and they were staying in the marina.  They invited us in for an impromptu cocktail party – come as we are.  We spent an enjoyable hour sitting in their cockpit, hearing about their winter in The Bahamas.  I feel at home talking with Perry and Karen as they live right across Lake Erie from me, in Leamington, Ontario.

The next morning, we headed out Cave Cay Cut into the cobalt blue water of the Exuma Sound.  We had a 40 mile run down to George Town.  George Town is the second largest town in The Bahamas and the locals love cruisers on the VHF radio announcing all the days activities.  By the time we had arrived almost half of the cruisers had started their trek back to the U.S.

A cold front was due in in two days, so we headed back behind Red Shank Cays, to find some protection and wait for a weather window to make it to the Turks & Caicos.  As we turned the corner, in front of us was a pleasant surprise, SEA WOLF, another Krogen with Gabe and Gail onboard.  They came out to wave and welcome us in.

Normally, Betty and I have anchoring down pat and almost make it look easy.  With an audience watching, we had our worse day ever trying to get the hook down!  The communication between us, which is always really good, was just not there.  I couldn’t get the boat where Betty wanted it and Betty couldn’t get the anchor down where I thought it should go.  After looking like rank beginners for almost an hour, we traded places and somehow managed to drop it in the right place!  Arghhhh…..

Gabe and Gail dropped their dingy in the water and came over for a much needed visit.  For the next two days, we went back and forth between the two boats, until we got our weather window and it was time to head out.


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