The Bishop and a Craft Project

Palm Sunday, Betty and I head to the local catholic church for mass.  On their webpage they offered three services – 9 am in English, 10:30  in Creole, and 12 noon in French.  We arrived 20 minutes early for the 9 am service,  were told that the Bishop was on-island and they would only be having one service at 10:30 am.  There would be a procession from downtown to the church, with the Bishop leading the way.  Deciding to wait for the later service, we took a drive out the northwest end of the island and back.


Bishop Peter Baldacchinno had recently been selected Associate Bishop for the Archdiocese of Miami, after 15 years of building the Roman Catholic Church in the Turks & Caicos.  When he first arrived in Provo as a priest, there were nine people attending mass regularly.  By the time he left, there were over 1,200 parishioners attending mass in their new church with a new catholic school having 110 students enrolled.  He even taught himself Creole to be able to minister to the Haitian population on Provo.  Needless to say, the locals love him dearly and are so proud of their new Bishop!

The church was overflowing with standing room only and there were palms for everyone, all having been blessed by the Bishop. The Haitian Choir sang accompanied by their steel drum band and students from the school assisted with the readings and carried the gifts to the front.  It was an unexpected pleasure for Palm Sunday.


After mass, I treated Betty to brunch at Sibonne.  Sibonne is a small boutique hotel on Grace Bay that Mom, Jon, the boys and I stayed for Thanksgiving week, about 13 or 14 years ago.  The food was wonderful back then and today is known as the top restaurant on the island.  Our waitress was Izamay, who I remembered from my last trip.  Betty had the coconut banana pancakes and I had eggs benedict, both delicious!  The best part was sitting by the beach looking out at the gorgeous turquoise water!

Fast forward two days later, what do you do with your Palm Sunday palms blessed by the Bishop?  You guessed it, the craft project.   The internet has become the encyclopedia’s of the this generation and you can find out how to do just about anything.   In 14 easy steps, wikiHow showed Betty and I how to make a cross out of a palm frond.  Good thing we got a couple extras, cause our first ones did not look real good.  Hey, practice makes perfect!


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